MACTE - Michigan
Friday, January 18, 2019

Serve with MACTE

The Michigan Association of Colleges for Teacher Education is in the process of establishing a number of subcommittees to assist the executive board in implementing the work of the organization. 


Provided below are descriptions of subcommittees. Upon finding a committee you would prefer to work on, please contact the board member(s) associated with the committee. In addition, please fill out the Willingness to Serve form below for our record-keeping purposes. 



  1. Develop a committee structure that parallels AACTE and mobilize committees based on annually identified MACTE priorities. 

Contact: Kyle Shanton (kshanton@albion.eduShawn Quilter ( 

  1. Develop and implement an advocacy plan for educator preparation at the state level in matters of legislative policy, and regulatory matters related to initial and advanced educator preparation and licensure. 

Contact: Karen Obsniuk ( & 

Tom Sampson  (


  1. Develop and disseminate position statements on issues of importance to educator preparation and licensure. 

Contact: Dale-Elizabeth Pehrsson ( & Kathleen  

Crawford-McKinney ( 

  1. Develop a statewide initiative showcasing excellence in educator preparation 

Contact: Reuben Rubio ( James Powell (


Other opportunities for service include tasks or projects that may be undertaken to meet a specific need or completion of a certain project. 


If serving the organization in this manner is of interest to you, please  complete the Willingness to Serve Form