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Monday, December 10, 2018

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A Memo concerning PRE results from Leah Breen from the MDE


After detailing the alternative pass measures for the PRE, Breen asks the following of Michigan EPIs.


The MDE does not currently collect data on how frequently alternative pass measures for the PRE are used as a replacement, in part or in whole, by Michigan teacher candidates.  Michigan EPIs use the alternative pass measures as needed to support teacher candidate compliance with MCL 380.1531(14).  The OPPS has begun to work with Michigan EPIs to collect data on teacher candidate use of alternative pass measures for the PRE.  However, the data is not yet compiled by the OPPS, and it was not available at the time of the writing of the three-year summary.


Because the current PRE performance tables may be incomplete and misleading without information on the alternative pass measures, the OPPS recommends the following for your college or university’s educator preparation programs:


  • Inform public media reporters of the incomplete and misleading nature of current PRE performance unmodified from the alternate pass measures.

  • Ask public media reporters not to report PRE performance, either statewide or by MI EPI, until the OPPS has completed collecting and compiling data regarding the frequency of use of alternative pass measures and the impact the alternative pass measures have on the apparent PRE performance.

Read the memo in its entirety HERE.


I am in receipt of the MACTE report on the assessment of Michigan pre-service teacher candidates, dated October 15, 2015.


Firstly, I would like to thank you and your colleagues at MACTE for the hours of dedicated work that have been put in reviewing three important issues and opportunities, as outlined in your report:


1. The use of the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) as a measure that can be used to unify the P-20 education experience in Michigan;

2. The problems MACTE perceives in the existing Professional Readiness Examination (PRE); and

3. The recommendation MACTE forwards in replacing the PRE with a PRAXIS test to satisfy Michigan Compiled Laws (MCL) 380.1531, paragraph 14, stating that a basic skills examination must be passed before a teacher candidate is enrolled for student teaching.

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In the spirit of their inspiration, the theme of the first annual MACTE EDTalks was communication. At the 2014 Fall Conference, teacher education professionals took the spotlight for six minute speeches about topics of concern in regards to teacher education, from the creation of new programs to upgrading old ones, and a few items in between.


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